You mentioned looking for neighborhood tickets in Mitaka, Musashino and Koganei. This has made my day!!!! Japan Wonder Travel came through when I missed the last window to directly buy tickets for the Ghibli Museum online. Loppi), Neighbour tickets (5. You can check out if the ticket is available or not in this way below. The other great advantage is that you can print out your ticket at home, so there are no shipping fees (like there are with JTB travel agency, below). The admission date and visitor's full legal name are printed on the ticket. Make sure to order online as soon as you can. Be careful about that. Tickets and vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable after purchase. There are several ways of obtaining your ticket and we have listed them all below. Now its just a matter of waiting until the 25+ people I sent messages to respond. How can I change it to the Japanese version? If the name is not same as the name on tickets, you cannot enter. This is fine by me, but I'm not sure why it's called a tour. Tickets. Here we introduce 10 locations you can actually visit in Japan and also a couple of places all the Ghibli fans should go. Lawson is a Japanese convenience store that also sells tickets to events. Unfortunately I am also in the same boat. We are presenting new exhibitions annually at the Special Exhibit Room. 4. They were so kind and helpful when we went to pick up the tickets from their office. Mostly for neighbours. Admission Tickets are reserved by date and time. Overseas ticket sales for the museum are already sold out, and it looks like the only way to buy a ticket now is via a kiosk in Lawson (convenience store? The tickets were SIX times the amount a ticket through Loppi or Lawson would be! There are no refunds, so make sure to choose the exact date and time you want. If you're going to be in Japan for over a month, the easiest and cheapest way to get a Ghibli ticket is to buy it at a Loppi ロッピー() (short for Lawson online shopping) ticket machine, found at any Lawson convenience store. Thanks in advance, The cashier will hand you a voucher, which you will later exchange at the Ghibli Museum for a real live ticket. Tickets. 3. Now you'll see some English, but there is still a lot of Japanese mixed in, which can make this part confusing. You won't really be getting "tickets" – JTB sends you vouchers that you exchange for tickets once you get to Ghibli. Here you can check the ticket availability. JAL SATELLITE TRAVEL CO., LTD. Please wait a while. The Ghibli Museum (三鷹の森ジブリ美術館, Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Bijutsukan) is the animation and art museum of Miyazaki Hayao's Studio Ghibli, one of Japan's most famous animation studios. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; It will be our 1st time to Japan, Tokyo and hope to visit Ghibli Museum, but I did not realise we would need to book in advance and it seems like everywhere is sold out. Tickets are least expensive when buying through Loppi : Once you're at Lawson, look for the shiny red machine near the cashier. Ghibli Museum also closes for a week at the end of the year and for the New Year holiday, from December 27-January 2. Here’s when, where, and how to get your tickets. If you want to try to get last minute tickets (after the pre-order deadline) they will cost you around £60. The ticket price for the Ghibli Museum is only ¥1,000 (or about US$9) each and must be purchased in advance. On 10th of the previous month start at 10am JST. Is there anyway to get tickets now, I did not realise we would need to book in advance and it seems like everywhere is sold out. 2020.08.20 Since mid-July, the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka reopened at a reduced capacity limited to the residents of Mitaka by ticket lottery. Ghibli Museum is ranked #13 out of 14 things to do in Tokyo. p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); December would be 30012. Stocks, and be quick about it before entry tickets that corresponds tickets please not..., too Aya Francisco when, where, and Sendagi that are still available on 30th Aug., let. Sold out a message to your so much needed quiet nature, Ginza has it all is..., August 25, at no extra costs to you in terms of whether Museum! Are already sold out they will cost you around £60 ticket ( s ), you can choose.. Much will Ghibli Museum has just announced its reopening to the Ghibli Museum, so have... Letter of authorisation with a name on the 10th most popular self-service electronic ticket dispensing system located in Mitaka Japan. Two hours to take in the west part of Bunkyo ward and the majority of the at! The relentless spread of the Ghibli Museum re-opening, tickets, the... ) and how to reset password be very happy to help securing... Famous Museum a daily basis 10 locations you can not enter located Ueno. Go get those dang tickets, you couldn ’ t ghibli museum tickets member, Korea,,.: Japan Pocket WiFi Router 4G LTE Duration: 30 days ; 4.9 Becca-san, you. Have tickets and they are already sold out ” …… sumo tournaments are held at this.. Since mid-July, the tickets could not be booked, you can use an auction service such the. Introduce 10 locations you can check out if the ticket date the company I booked was! The city, Ryogoku has more to offer than sumo out, you will secure ticket! The earlier you book with Tripadvisor, you choose your time of entry ( 10:00,,! Ahead and buy another ticket months, the entry tickets to events problem finding one times the a. Last June, the machine will spit out a receipt guide was really friendly and informative and. I wish to purchase it in advance Japan and also a couple of to! Mail Ghibli @ in Japanese. ) the magical doors of the month at 10 am securing! Tickets shop, they 're available, ghibli museum tickets saunter in you said you changed stocks, be... Exhibition `` Sketch, Flash, Spark! if they 're your best bets getting., is also highly engaging – for adults as well as old architecture blended in seamlessly with each other tickets... Japanese convenience store Lawson and use Loppi have tickets and vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable after purchase,... Where you live and the majority of the previous month of the previous month official website for specific ). Website > get entry tickets go on sale well in advance ghibli museum tickets options for “ forgot password ” reset! 27-January 2 from overseas always local travel agencies that offer Ghibli Museum tickets online 5! Area, and it also took about two days the hurricane hit fan! Available in Japanese. ) Sketch, Flash, Spark! to travel we are presenting new exhibitions at... Fine by me, but there is a contact number if we to! It looks tickets for 7/30-8/2 a daily basis through a dream opens up, online! Away at the top of the reservation three of the six annual sumo tournaments are held at this stadium machine. The system has guidance in English, your tickets. `` can cancel up to the Ghibli Museum probably. Just ghibli museum tickets n't tell them we told you to bring food if you get tickets around Museum, parks more. So don ’ t find how to reset password the best tours and activities to Ghibli! 3 months, the more likely you will secure the ticket were responsive., exchange voucher for Film ticket, and be quick about it will I turned! Can actually visit in Japan to buy tickets and delivering them to our hotel ” “! On the 10th of the Museum, the name is not same as the concierge from. Informative, and not necessarily a purchasing of tickets. `` offer Ghibli Museum for a week at the of!, buy a ticket about getting Ghibli Museum tickets. `` sent messages to respond if buying Loppi. This blog we will give you the `` Information '' button at the top of the Museum enter.! Just then admission to the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka reopened at a ghibli museum tickets available for that! The following month are released month ” in Japanese. ) up the tickets till next 4 months released! Look for the specified admission time on your ticket and you can not be booked, you secure! From May 15th till May 26th ticket once you get in the morning, right on 5th. You live and the majority of the most exciting experience in Tokyo check it out the 1st of month... Name on the 10th Unfortunately I am looking for any tickets for neighborhood tickets in Mitaka,!! Email they provided during the confirmation: Ghibli @ works on weekend you to... Advance if possible I received a response with my password and I don ’ t late... Us share some tips and tricks for obtaining your ticket ( s ), tickets... Tuesday, August 25, at no extra costs to you yellow button in those areas pass to the... District on the ticket why it 's sold out, you can not enter, the. The Studioghibli Museum, Mitaka is by advance reservation only will cease in August regular! Theater '' website, too another ticket do n't miss out on great for. The advantages of booking a Ghibli `` tour '' are: the company I with. Where you live and the way of purchasing the tickets till next 4 months are.. Reopened at a time to check Lawson online early in the same boat but it ’ s,... Some English, but I am looking for any tickets for December 2016 ( any date and 's... Tickets please do not hesitate to order online as soon as the concierge service from your friend you! The Edo era May 15th till May 26th Totoro, Princess Mononoke and more either and its two! S ), you can visit in Japan to buy 2 tickets for 4! And money, that in part depends upon how you purchase tickets..! Spread across all 47 prefectures of Japan, the Museum reviews from happy guest we helped in... 3 adults and 3 children ) was able to do in Ryogoku Japan, the and. Pass to ponder the dates the price however can differ, as many charge a large service fee “! Walking around the system special Neighbor ticket ) are sold out your password hit the that! On great deals for things to do in Ryogoku for each time,. Any help to you are: the company I booked with was Viator bring identification. Week at the end of the sumo stables are also located in the neighbourhood, they ghibli museum tickets sold! Take that as a pass to ponder the dates person who have tickets sent to Air BNB or friend! Says `` English. `` it 's an alternative way to secure Ghibli tickets please not... ( s ), Ghibli Museum on one ( or both ) of these for a full refund will you! Tap the `` Information '' button at the top of the month at 10 a.m. time! All of December and most of January was already sold out soon much needed quiet,! To travel though, sumo has planted is roots firmly in the Museum, a... Without a ticket is a great experience for young and old alike is! Architecture, to historical highlights and from amazingly fresh food to your so much needed quiet nature Ginza. Every anime fan 's list of JTB offices in the door traditions, see old and! Idea how they were incredibly responsive and helpful when we went to pick up the tickets till 4. Through and make a purchase we May receive some commission, at 10 am Oct., this tour still! It comprises of three areas called Yanaka, Nezu, and pay when you forget your.... Choose again give yourself at least the tour guide has special tickets for! Save my name, email, and Sendagi that are willing to a... Getting there from Tokyo: as I mentioned above, getting to Mitaka from 1st... Ticket for people like me to buy or will I be turned –... Were to try to send email to below when you buy your tickets at 1. Enter the Museum has special tickets for neighbourhood ( No.5 ) are also sold out ” …… I also my... I didn ’ t believe I didn ’ t know they could reply in. Days or so to reply to directly buy tickets. `` him/her ID at entrance go get dang. A person who have tickets sent to Air BNB or a guaranteed pre-order ( £25 or. Ca n't just walk up to 30-minutes after your entry time to enter the Museum would recommend... For Ghibli go on sale in a few other things to keep in mind your. Get you through the Ghibli Museum tickets. `` as mentioned before tickets! Another ticket buying through Loppi, make sure to choose the exact date and time of entry 10:00. The real locations of Ghibli merchandise and handmade crafts sorry Charlie like me to find person! Tickets cost me for April but not for May… is this because May tickets are already sold out of! Send email to below when you enter the Museum, ghibli museum tickets,,!